Bench Warrants

bench warrantsWarrants In Massachusetts

If you have been arrested in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, you will face several legal obligations as a result of your arrest. If you fail to fulfill all of these legal obligations, a warrant may be issued for your arrest.

Reasons For Warrants Being Issued In Massachusetts

You may have a warrant issued for any of the following in Massachusetts:

  • Neglecting or failing to make a scheduled court or sentencing appearance,
  • Neglecting or failing to keep in communication with Probation Officers,
  • Neglecting or failing to pay fines, fees or restitution payments,
  • Violating a court order such as failing to perform community service.

Once a warrant is issued, if you have any police interaction whatsoever, you will be arrested by them on the spot. If you have a warrant out for your arrest you should begin by consulting with a Massachusetts criminal defense attorney who can help address your next steps.

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