Criminal cases are charged as a flat-fee. This means that regardless of how many hours Attorney Collins works on your case, how many conversations you have with him, or how many court appearances your case requires, the flat-fee covers all expenses.

Attorney Collins accepts all forms of payment (cash, personal check, credit card) and, in most cases, is willing to offer a payment-plan option.  

In family law cases, clients are asked to pay a retainer.  As Attorney Collins works on your case, he will bill you by the hour and will draw from that retainer. If the case is completed before the retainer is fully used, you will receive the remainder. If the case requires an extensive amount of work, you may be required to replenish the retainer.

An important part of the process of selecting an attorney is to speak with several candidates.  Attorney Collins encourages all prospective clients to speak with other attorneys. Attorney Collins believes that his rates are fair, and that his partnership with his clients throughout the course of the cases ultimately convinces them that they made the right decision to hire him.

Should you be interested in other clients' experiences with Attorney Collins, please feel free to view the “Reviews” page of this website.